" I travelled to Brazil for my first solo trip as a speaker for a cycling conference" - Nikita Lalwani

Nikita Lalwani is India's first #BicycleMayor and the Founder of Cycling Cities.

This story is about Nikita's first solo international trip and the wild experience she had.

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The Solo Women Traveller Stories

I know none of us can travel right now but sitting in our houses, quarantined, may be some of us can at least talk about the fun times we had when we were traveling? :)

When you travel solo and that too, to an international destination, you express what it is, to truly feel #StrongWildHappy - and that’s why we put together this video.

Our community of strong happy solo travelling women needs to hear each other out, even when at the moment we can’t do much, but sit at home and wonder when we are going to step out to explore this world some more.

Hopefully soon!

Share this if you relate to the message at any level, stay safe, stay #StrongWildHappy - and of course, share your story!

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