"I did my highest cliff dive on my solo trip to Philippines" - Princy Mehta

When a woman travels solo...

I have been married for over seven years, but I went on my first solo international trip only last year!

I know none of us can travel right now but sitting in our houses, quarantined, may be some of us can at least talk ab
out the fun times we had when we were traveling? :)

I truly believe that whether you are single, in a relationship or married, when you travel solo and that too, to an international destination, you express what it is, to truly feel #StrongWildHappy - and that’s why I put together this video.

Watch my story and tell me if you feel this way too! Our community of strong happy solo travelling women needs to hear each other out, even when at the moment we can’t do much, but sit at home and wonder when we are going to step out to explore this world some more. Hopefully soon!

Watch Nikita Lalwani's story here. She is India's first #BicyleMayor and Founder of Cylcing Cities - 

Watch Prachi Sibal's story on how she travelled to the Perfume Capital of the World by herself -

Share this if you relate to the message at any level, stay safe, stay #StrongWildHappy - and of course, share your story! Like right now!

Much love,

Princy Mehta

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