"I come from a very small town in Bihar. I studied in a Hindi medium school. But I wanted to make it big and I did" - Shweta Mukherjee

Delhi kept getting polluted a little more every year. This was a major concern for us. Is this the kind of place we would let our daughter grow? Goa looked like a great option, but would we be able to make the business work there? After all, one of the important reasons we had moved from Bangalore to Delhi was because it made sense for the wedding photography business. The stakes appeared even higher than they were when we had decided to return to India.
Eventually we did move to Goa. Thankfully, it has worked out for us, and our daughter. The business took a bit of a beating but things are getting back to normal. We are loving it here in Goa. At least once in my life I truly wish to homeschool my daughter. It’s okay if that’s going to be even for a year or so. I just want to travel in a camper sort of thing, with her, my husband, our dogs, and the wild in me.
- Shweta Mukherjee, Goa

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